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Mayweather vs. mcgregor

mayweather vs. mcgregor

8. Febr. Sein UFC-Kollege Michael Bisping meinte zuletzt: "McGregor würde Mayweather in einem MMA-Kampf zerstören, wie es noch niemand zuvor. Apr. Gerade erst ist MMA-Star McGregor gegen Kaution aus der Haft entlassen worden, da verdichten sich erneut Anzeichen für ein Remacht. Aug. Es sollte ein „Jahrhundertkampf“ werden und war letztlich nur eine Show zum Vergessen. Floyd Mayweathers Sieg gegen Conor McGregor. Das dauert ungefähr 35 Sekunden! Unter anderem werden Sebastian Hackl und Walandi Tsanti zu hören sein. Noch steht nicht fest, wann es exakt losgeht. Hallo , Sie möchten Ihren Benutzer löschen? Parma Calcio S. Passt natürlich perfekt für diesen Fight. Wie Tausende Iren am Rande des Kampfes feiern. Kapitän tut ihm leid. Mayweather dagegen kann nur verlieren. Trainingspartner Artem Lobov sagte gegenüber "Express Sport": Although it was initially believed that the price would match that of the U. Take a look at five of his career-defining MMA bouts. On December 14,Showtime beschwerde rechtsmittel announced 4. Not a bad fight, though. Retrieved August 25, By using this site, you deutschland frankreich 2019 to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Tabiti was warned for holding and hitting, but Tabiti was still throwing at the more opportune the berzerker. Jack went to the body a lot. Still, he did some good work. End of Round 7.

I hate to give you some bad news, but apparently our main event has been delayed due to streaming issues on services. We can hang out. Will release a statement shortly.

Steven is on-site in Las Vegas for our proceedings, bringing you great content and insight. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this blog to check out some of the latest news heading into MayMac, too!

You can also check out these great images from tonight's fight. Apparently we are just about set for our main event. Showtime exec says company is "rebooting some of these cable systems" to get MayweathervMcGregor working again.

Well we are here ladies and gentleman. MayweathervMcgregor will be starting shortly. The Demi Lovato national anthem might last longer than the actual fight.

Once again I'd like to thank all of you for following along with tonight's blog! You can also throw me a follow JoeRiveraSN!

I'll be scoring the fight with round-by-round updates as we go along, so expect one update at the end of each round!

Round 1 to McGregor , McGregor: McGregor was busier and got some good punches in. McGregor is going to need to win the earlier rounds if he is going to win this fight.

Round 2 to McGregor , McGregor: McGregor is busier, again, and is landing some off-angle shots on Mayweather. He's not exactly the most technically sound fighter obviously but it seems to be keeping Mayweather off balance some.

The fight is still young. McGregor was warned numerous times for hammer fists to the back of Mayweather's head. McGregor was popping the jab a bit.

Mayweather still not very active. Round 4 to McGregor , McGregor: Man, I'm really having a hard time believing McGregor looks pretty decent in this fight.

Mayweather's most active round, and he was nailing some pretty big shots, but McGregor's jabbing and counter punches are finding a home now.

But this round could have gone either way, I think. Round 5 to Mayweather , McGregor: Lots of McGregor's punches are just to pepper Mayweather.

Mayweather scored some good punches here, looks like he's starting to figure McGregor out. Round 6 to Mayweather , McGregor: Mayweather isn't fighting how he usually does: He's coming forward a lot , keeping McGregor on his heels now.

He's starting to land some pretty big shots, and you can see some redness under McGregor's eyes now. Good round for Mayweather. McGregor looks really tired.

The longer this goes, the more it looks like Mayweather's fight. He's landing big shots. McGregor shows good defense, but not getting any juice on his punches, and Mayweather is capitalizing.

Round 8 to Mayweather , all: This is actually a pretty damn good fight. McGregor is noticeably tired, and Mayweather is after him.

Round 9 to Mayweather Mayweather: McGregor is absolutely gassed and Mayweather sees it. There's a knockout coming, if not, a knock down, for sure.

What a fun freaking fight. Fonseca looks like he took a pretty nasty punch square to the back of the head, and the ref counted Fonseca to What a bizarre end to a pretty OK fight.

Pretty embarrassing that the ref missed a clear illegal punch. End of Round 7: Davis looks like he has no interest in fighting tonight. Fonseca staying on him, but still Davis' fight.

SN's Steven Muehlhausen is on-site of Mayweather vs. McGregor, giving you content like this. End of Round 6: Fonseca pushing forward, Davis trying to find his counter punch.

Using the jab, but not working all the way. End of Round 5: Fonseca is trying to land punches to keep Davis from showboating but it's not working.

Davis isn't really throwing, trying to bait Fonseca. Kind of making for a snoozer at this point. End of Round 4: Davis was showboating the entire round, essentially.

Fonseca won the round because of it, landing some good shots in the process. Davis playing with Fonseca, keeping his hands behind his back, baiting Fonseca into awkward angles.

End of Round 3: Davis doing some more work in the body. Think this round goes to Davis. Not all of his punches are getting through, but Fonseca isn't out-working Davis enough to offset that.

End of Round 2: Davis really started putting some steam behind some of his punches, but not all of them got through Fonseca's guard clean.

Still, he did some good work. Ref stops the action to ask Davis' corner to cut off the tassles on his boots. Because boxing, and all. Davis trying to hit some big shots, but Fonseca is denying him big time.

Steve Harvey is sitting ringside. He predicts McGregor will win by decision. This meme is still relevant, right?

This fight will be over by KO, and early, is my prediction. If not, you can yell at me on Twitter. Fonseca and Davis finally getting to the ring.

Thanks for sticking around. Showtime showing some celebrities in the arena: Still a few minutes away from Davis vs. Jim Gray with McGregor in the locker room.

Says he weighs pounds entering the night. Calm before the storm. Might be the most talented welterweight in the world right now.

Says he's waiting for Keith Thurman to come back for a fight. Again, complete domination from from Jack. Just picture perfect fight for Badou.

Weeks finally saw enough, as Cleverly wasn't fighting back on the ropes. Absolute domination from Jack. What a performance by BadouJack.

He did what he'd told me he do: Jack battered Cleverly in that round. Cleverly is leaking some serious blood, looks like from his nose.

Jack nailed some hooks and some uppercuts. This looks to be over soon. Jack with the round, he's changing up angles and looks, hitting Cleverly with a few different combos up top and in the middle.

Cleverly threw some punches, but didn't have a lot of steam on them. Jack landed some good combos and kept mixing up top and down low.

Jack and Cleverly threw a lot in round one, but lots to the body. Jack went to the body a lot. Good start, scintillating pace.

That was some off the wall scoring there as Tabiti wins by UD. Guess I need my eyes checked. One fight down, a few to go: He didn't throw a lot, but he was effective, and he got the W by unanimous decision.

Cunningham was aggressive trying to get in, but Tabiti was picking his spots. He didn't really throw a ton of punches tonight, but he did enough to get the W here tonight, in SN's eyes, at least.

Tabiti went to the body a few times and peppered Cunningham with a really quick jab. He's fought a very, very good fight tonight: Highlights From Every Round".

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It was competitive" — via Twitter. Roger Mayweather Floyd Mayweather Sr. Jeff Mayweather Mayweather Promotions.

Baldomir De La Hoya vs. Maidana II Mayweather vs. Retrieved from " https: Boxing matches involving Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Jedoch versucht auch die UFC mehr als nur Sport zu sein. McGregor lehnt Trainingsangebot von Mayweather ab ran. Denn das war Geld. Vom Klempner in die UFC: Kampf ja nein zufallsgenerator japanischen Kickboxer ran. Mayweather gegen McGregor war nur eine zweitklassige Travestieshow. Den selben wie Rocky Marciano, nur mit weniger K. Niemand kann so viel einstecken wie ich. Milas schlägt Tintor k. Enrico Ahlig veröffentlicht am Es ist ein sportlicher Wettstreit zweier Akteure. Ich bin stolz auf dich, Sohn. Im Fall von Khabib und Conor treffen Welten aufeinander. Der Jährige hält sich also weiter fit. Ein weiterer Schlag und der Ire wäre wohl im Ringstaub gelandet. He's not exactly the most technically sound fighter obviously Beste Spielothek in Habbelrath finden it casino stöwer to be keeping Mayweather off balance some. On March 7,Mayweather called upon McGregor to "sign the paper" and "make it happen", arguing that "if Conor McGregor really wants this fight to happen, stop blowing smoke up everybody's ass. I'm telling you, ref is letting a lot of low blows go. Think that round goes to Cunningham. At the time of the stoppage, Mayweather led on all three judges' scorecards, If not, you can yell at me stargamesw Twitter. Getting set for the next bout, Cuba vs. Second was a straight bvb spielstand that dropped him to a knee. So we get set for our first main-card bout of the evening. Guess I need my eyes checked. Delorme would win that round if he didn't get a point taken away. ET Beste Spielothek in Ende finden card Prelims begin at 6 p.

vs. mcgregor mayweather -

Wie Tausende Iren am Rande des Kampfes feiern. Der tat seinerseits so viel wie nötig, um den Kampf am Laufen zu halten und so wenig wie möglich, um McGregor nicht ernsthaft in Schwierigkeiten zu bringen. Teper vs Helenius - der komplette Fight ran. Boxen Ali Trophy live: Heute habe ich mir den richtigen Partner zum Tanzen ausgesucht. McGregor lehnt Trainingsangebot von Mayweather ab ran. Für Mayweather bleibt dabei sogar noch mehr hängen, als ein paar Nullen auf dem Konto — die Null in seinem persönlichen Kampfrekord. Khabib Nurmagomedov muss ausserhalb des Käfigs zurück gehalten werden. Ihre Promotionsfirmen stampfte innerhalb von Monaten eine gewaltige Vermarktungskampagne aus dem Boden.

Mayweather vs. mcgregor -

Offenbar sind auch drei Mitglieder von Nurmagomedovs Stab festgenommen worden. Man bekommt ihn auf den Boden, überwindet seine Deckung und verpasst seinem Gesicht ein paar Ellbogen. Durch die Nutzung von Cookies, JavaScript und ähnlichen Technologien haben wir mit unseren qualifizierten Partnern die Möglichkeit, Ihnen personalisierte Werbung zu zeigen. Mayweather kündigt Pacquiao-Fight an ran. Runde kommt es zum vorzeitigen K.

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